iMISfood components English

iMIS Food Tracking

In the production process, iMIS Tracking keeps track of which raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging go to which end product. iMIS Tracking keeps track of which customer each end product is delivered to. Tracking from raw material to customer is done at the touch of a button.

iMIS Food Helpdesk

The iMIS Food Helpdesk is specialised in food safety. With the iMIS Food system, the management has real-time insight into the Food Safety situation of his company.

iMIS Food Updates

QAssurance takes care of both the software and content renewals of iMIS Food. These innovations are implemented as iMIS Food Updates.

iMIS Food Portal

With iMIS Food Portal, all iMIS Food systems are centrally accessible in the chain. With iMIS Food Portal, the different parts are accessible for everyone in the chain.

iMIS Food Audit

iMIS Food contains a management system for control rounds and incident reporting that can be coordinated with existing systems.

iMIS Food SpecCheck

With the specification management system, a company has all the specifications of the finished product under control. The system provides a complete management system from raw material to label on the end product.

iMIS Food Handbook

iMIS Food contains a quality handbook management system that can be tailored to existing systems. The handbook system contains all the general company information, procedures, and instructions necessary to produce food safely.

iMIS Food Intranet

With the iMIS Food intranet, all iMIS Food systems are centrally accessible. Because all systems are standardized, information can easily be shared between people and systems.