iMIS Food

iMIS Food is developed to enable food producers to manage food safety themselves. iMIS Food offers a completely equipped food safety software platform. Professional support is available for substantive and software questions with the iMIS Food Helpdesk.

Working with iMIS Food provides the following benefits:

1. Company/Trademark protection

  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Comply with quality standards
  • Everything under control in detail

2. Quality

  • Real-time availability of quality data
  • Knowledge system: Formalization and safeguarding of knowledge
  • Effectiveness: Real-time food management based on expertise

3. Efficiency

  • Integrated cost savings: no repetition of measures
  • 90% of QA administration without specific background
  • Flexibility: company and not person dependent
  • Direct access to iMIS Food experts

Why iMIS Food?

Product quality and food safety are high on the agenda and the food industry is increasingly confronted with rising quality costs.

Labeling must meet many legal requirements. Standards such as FSSC 22000, BRC, and IFS constantly impose stricter requirements and customers demand substantive information about the products supplied to them. As an entrepreneur, you therefore pay a high bill for a quality department, the necessary software, and the advisors that must be called in for supplementary expertise. iMIS offers you a high quality alternative with considerable savings on your quality costs. If you decide to start using iMIS, you can reap its benefits in less than a month.

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With the iMIS Food Scan you, as an entrepreneur, receive independent advice on whether the current size of your quality department is necessary, the require software is sufficient, and whether the advisors called in are actually necessary.

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Handbook Imis Food

iMIS Food Handbook

iMIS Food bevat een managementsysteem voor het kwaliteitshandboek dat kan worden afgestemd op reeds aanwezige systemen.
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Portal IMIS

iMIS Food Portal

Met iMIS Food Portal zijn alle iMIS Food systemen centraal toegankelijk in de keten. Met iMIS Food Portal zijn voor iedereen in de keten de verschillende onderdelen toegankelijk.
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Intranet imis food

iMIS Food Intranet

Met iMIS Food intranet wordt het gehele bedrijf betrokken bij het kwaliteitssysteem. Alle informatie over kwaliteit en voedselveiligheid is te vinden op het intranet.
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Tracking imis Food

iMIS Food Tracking

In het productieproces houdt iMIS Tracking bij welke grondstoffen, hulpstoffen en verpakkingen bij welk eindproduct terechtkomen. iMIS Tracking houdt van ieder eindproduct bij aan welke klant is geleverd. De tracering...
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SpecCheck imis

iMIS Food SpecCheck

Met het specificatie managementsysteem heeft een bedrijf alle specificaties van het eindproduct onder controle. Het systeem biedt een compleet managementsysteem van grondstof tot etiket op het eindproduct.
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iMIS Food updates

iMIS Food Updates

QAssurance verzorgt zowel de softwarematige als inhoudelijke vernieuwingen van iMIS Food. Deze vernieuwingen worden als iMIS Food Updates doorgevoerd.
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iMIS Food Helpdesk

iMIS Food Helpdesk

De iMIS Food Helpdesk is gespecialiseerd in voedselveiligheid. Met het iMIS Food systeem heeft de directie real-time inzicht in de Food Safety situatie van zijn onderneming.
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iMIS Food Audit

iMIS Food Audit

iMIS Food bevat een managementsysteem voor controlerondes en incidentenrapportage dat kan worden afgestemd op reeds aanwezige systemen.
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iMIS Food is suitable for every type of Food company:

De implementatie van iMIS Food

Het iMIS Food implementatietraject omvat 5 tot 10 dagen ondersteuning per locatie en heeft een doorlooptijd van ongeveer 3 maanden.

De ondersteuning vindt voornamelijk online plaats.

Ben je benieuwd welke stappen we doorlopen tijdens de implementatie? Bekijk dan het implementatieplan.

About QAssurance

QAssurance is specialized in food safety. We enable a food producer to manage food safety themselves. iMIS Food has been developed to achieve this. iMIS Food offers a complete infrastructure for QA matters, enabling efficient compliance with changing legislation and standards. With the iMIS Food Helpdesk, professional support is available for substantive and software questions.

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iMIS Food offers a complete infrastructure for QA matters, enabling efficient compliance with changing legislation and standards.

More than 1000 audits have been successfully completed with iMIS Food since 2009!


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iMIS Food Applications

Within the company

With iMIS Food, everyone can be informed of the applicable rules and instructions within the company. The planning of the inspection rounds is available via the intranet and everyone can find out which inspection round should be performed and when. With the specification management system, a company has all end product specification under control. With iMIS Food, the entire company is involved in the quality system. All information about quality and food safety can be found on the secure intranet.


Communication with customers

With iMIS Food, the company never faces surprises. Most retailers use a website where label information, detailed raw material information, nutritional values, and allergens must be entered.

iMIS Food contains all information that can be requested by retailers. If a customer has a question about an end product, it is immediately known which delivery it concerns and which raw materials have been processed.

Food Safety news

iMIS Food server FOGA

FOGA Organic Gum implementing iMIS Food Global

In June 2021, FOGA Organic Gum from Sudan started the implementation of iMIS Food Global. The iMIS Food server in Rotterdam is currently being fully...
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Webinar Food Safety Compliance

Food Safety Compliance from a Dutch and German perspective

We will discuss the current Food Safety situation in the Netherlands and Germany. The session will be input for a German-Dutch Food Safety Conference in...
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