This on-site is specially designed to discuss the crucial role of top , in fostering a strong , with a focus on their own and attention to external audits and maintaining and obtaining certifications.

Based on the fruitful partnership between QAssurance & The Brown Paper Company, the Management Scorecard will be the starting point for defining a -wide approach to achieve a desired outcome. From an ‘IST' to a ‘SOLL' food safety .

From our experience, we know that your participation in this on-site workshop will be valuable for your role as a board member and for the overall food safety culture within your .

Topics that will be covered are:

1. Introduction of Food Safety Culture

a. Definition of food safety culture.
b. Importance of a strong food safety culture for organisations.

2. Role of top management

a. Clarifying the of top management.
b. How top management can influence and lead food safety culture.

3. External audits

a. Understanding of the process and expectations.
b. Preparation for external audits.
c. Do's and don'ts during an audit.
d. Practical examples and studies.

4. Certification and compliance

a. of current food safety certifications.
b. Importance of for operations.
c. Practical steps to maintain and obtain certifications.

5. Interactive Discussion and Q&A

a. Opportunity for participants to ask and share experiences.
b. Group discussions on possible challenges and solution.

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