The system: iMIS Food Tracking

iMIS Food includes a tracking management system that can be aligned with existing systems. Various quality standards and European legislation impose requirements on traceability from raw material to end product at the customer. This tracing applies to the raw material as well as to the additive materials and the packaging materials that come into contact with the product. The company must compare the inflow of all raw materials, consumables, and packaging to purchasing conditions and supplier evaluations. This prevents the company from starting the production process with the wrong products. In the production process, iMIS Food keeps track of which raw materials, additives, and packaging end up with which end product. iMIS Food keeps track of which customer has been delivered which end product. This allows tracing from raw material to customer at the touch of a button.

History is built up by means of barcodes and scanning actions of all tracing actions, whereby rework, blockages, packaging, labels, spices, lubricants, chemicals, etc. can also be incorporated into the tracing system. A well-functioning allergen management system can be built with the allergen data in the specification management module. Integrated product controls also make the tracking system suitable for additional records.

Working with the iMIS Food Tracking provides the following benefits:


  • 100% traceability as desired by customers
  • A working tracking system, required by legislation
  • Trace from raw materials to customer
  • Traceability according to quality standards
  • Tracking data immediately available in the event of a recall
  • Quickly answer customer questions about product origin
  • Professional tracking system


  • Guarantee of goods reception
  • Extra checks at the production steps
  • Minimum shelf life upon receipt and after production
  • All products labeled at all stages
  • Known which end product has gone to which customer
  • Receipt of approved raw materials only
  • Less chance of errors


  • Direct customs clearance of raw materials based on EAN128
  • Linking and reusing data from systems already in use
  • Working via on/off principle possible
  • Ability to scan at recipe level
  • Registration per batch of which raw materials have been used
  • Automatic reporting of overviews
  • Notification when best before date has been reached
  • Efficient implementation compared to extensive ERP systems
  • Much more efficient approach than with paper registration
  • Half the tracking costs

Application of iMIS Food Tracking


According to the purchasing procedure, it is important to receive only approved raw materials from approved suppliers. With iMIS Food this can be guaranteed because only approved products can be cleared. With the tracing monitor it is known which raw materials have been received and what the status of the production process is. This means that corrections can be made in time if desired.


With iMIS Food, suppliers know that their deliveries are checked for, among other things, the quantity, lot number, and minimum shelf life. It is also easy to analyze in the tracing history how a supplier has performed over a specific period of time for verification.


Some customers require a specific setup for pallet labeling. Various labels can be created with iMIS Food. With any customer question regarding an end product, it is immediately known which delivery it concerns, and which raw materials have been processed. With iMIS Food it is continuously known which raw materials are in use, the status of the production process (how much produced) and to which customer what was delivered.


Legislation requires a working tracing system. In the event of a recall, iMIS Food makes the tracing data immediately available. A company must safeguard its raw materials from HACCP. Some raw materials can only be put into use with a certificate of analysis, which can be registered with iMIS Food.


Products with claims often must meet special tracking requirements that can be achieved with iMIS Food. Stricter requirements also apply within the current quality standards than those imposed by legislation. With iMIS Food these requirements are met.

The implementation of the iMIS Food Tracking

  • Explanation of tracking system and training
  • Configure scanners and printers
  • Determining the raw materials, products, and customer data
  • Add desired users to the tracking system
  • Testing the clearance of raw materials, generating product labels, and delivering to customers
  • Introducing the new tracking system to colleagues

Do you have any questions about the iMIS Food Tracking?

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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