iMIS Food offers:

  • The knowledge, content, infrastructure, and processes for Food Safety;
  • Always up to date with Food Safety hazards, EU legislation, and FSSC22000, BRC and IFS;
  • Direct access to our Food Safety experts;
  • Business Continuity Management: the system also works offline;
  • Real-time Food Safety reports for the customer and consumer;
  • Dutch, English, German and French content.

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Why iMIS Food?

Product quality and food safety are high on the agenda and the food industry is increasingly confronted with rising quality costs.

Labeling must meet many legal requirements. Standards such as FSSC 22000, BRC, and IFS constantly impose stricter requirements and customers demand substantive information about the products supplied to them. As an entrepreneur, you therefore pay a high bill for a quality department, the necessary software, and the advisors that must be called in for supplementary expertise. iMIS offers you a high quality alternative with considerable savings on your quality costs. If you decide to start using iMIS, you can reap its benefits in less than a month.

iMIS Food Components

iMIS Food Handbook Handbook for food safety management

iMIS Food contains a management system for the quality manual. The manual system contains the company information, procedures regarding food safety.

iMIS Food Tracking Traceability

iMIS Food Tracking keeps track of which customer each end product is delivered to. Tracking from raw material to customer is done at the touch of a button.

iMIS Food Helpdesk Food Safety

The iMIS Food Helpdesk is specialised in food safety. With the iMIS Food system, the management has real-time insight into the Food Safety situation of his company.

iMIS Food Updates Knowledge and Software

QAssurance takes care of both the software and content updates of iMIS Food. These updates are implemented as iMIS Food Updates. To ensure that this process runs professionally.

iMIS Food Portal Chain Communication

With iMIS Food Portal, all iMIS Food systems are centrally accessible in the chain. With iMIS Food Portal, the different parts are accessible for everyone in the chain.

iMIS Food Audit Management System

iMIS Food contains a management system for control rounds and icncident reporting that can be coordinated with existing systems.

iMIS Food SpecCheck Specifications and labeling

With the specification management system, SpecCheck, all the specifications of the finished product under control. SpecCheck is system from raw material to end product.

iMIS Food Intranet Company Integration

With the iMIS Food intranet, all iMIS Food systems are centrally accessible and standardized. Information can easily be shared between people and systems.

The implementation of iMIS Food

The iMIS Food implementation process involves 5 to 10 days of support per site and has a lead time of approximately 3 months. The support is mainly online. Are you curious about the steps we go through during the implementation? Take a look at the implementation plan.

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