The supply chain and systems are both evolving to adapt to emerging challenges. Every day, new tools are introduced to address to food . Many of them take a modern approach that incorporates , and innovative approaches like food safety . QAssurance offers food safety tools to measure a 's food safety performance. Furthermore, you can receive the test results in your email address and start improving your food safety management plan immediately.

Scorecard tools are now also available in Italian.

Digital Transformation Calculator 2.0 in Italian

Even though digital technologies can improve the efficiency, speed, and dependability of food safety management, the food industry still lags behind other industries in implementing digital tools. You can use the Digital Transformation Calculator 2.0 to determine your company's current level of digital maturity and whether you're ready to implement digital food safety tools such as “iMIS Food”.

Food Safety Compliance Scorecard and Food Safety Culture Scan in Italian

within the company has proven to boost the effectiveness of the food safety management systems. Are you aware of what food safety culture means and how to implement it in your company? QAssurance has developed two scorecards that help you understand better this concept and evaluate yourself and your company for food safety culture, delivering the feedback directly to you.

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