iMIS Food Professional

€1.450,- per month
  • iMIS Food including the specification management (2024).
  • Unique selling point toward your customer!
  • Maximum savings on current QA activities and software.
  • Maximum security and prepared for surprises.

iMIS Food Compliance

€975,- per month
  • MIS Food configuration focused on certification, good audit results.
  • Savings on compliance portals and QA software regarding handbook and inspection rounds.
  • Halve time on Food Safety reports.
  • Prepared for (unannounced) audits.


€750,- per month
  • Working according to EU legislation and Food Safety Authority enforcement.
  • Guarantee of any EU recognition and export.
  • Up to date and weekly validated HACCP approach.
  • Prepared for (unannounced) visits.

Book the free iMIS Food Scan now

With the iMIS Food Scan you, as an entrepreneur, receive independent advice on whether the current size of your quality department is necessary, the required software is sufficient, and whether the advisors called in are actually necessary.

What does this scan look like? In the one-hour (online) zoom meeting, a Business Benefit analysis is jointly carried out for the use of iMIS Food. After this meeting, you will know the current status of the QA function within your company, what the business risks are, and what costs you can save.


iMIS Broker

€400,- per month
  • iMIS Food Compliance for traders

iMIS Logistics

€750,- per month
  • iMIS Food Compliance for logistics service providers

iMIS Packaging

€750,- per month
  • iMIS Food Compliance for packaging companies

iMIS Connect

€750,- per month
  • iMIS Food, a specialized version for vendor management

iMIS Food Service & Retail

€2.500,- per month
  • iMIS Food Compliance to manage the entire Retail, Wholesale & Food Service chain.

iMIS Component

On request
  • Each iMIS Food part with server can be purchased separately for €500,- per month, including the iMIS Food Helpdesk.

iMIS Costumize

On request
  • For unique circumstance, we offer unique tailor-made solutions. Contact us for more information.

iMIS Lab

€1.250,- per month
  • Manage your laboratory with iMIS Lab and comply with ISO 17025.

iMIS New Venture

See Article
  • The iMIS Food Online version allows new business ventures to manage food compliance.

The implementation of iMIS Food

The iMIS Food implementation process includes 5 to 10 days of support per location and has a lead time of about 3 months. The support takes place mainly online.

We only advise companies that use the iMIS Food system.

Are you curious about which steps we go through during the implantation? Then view the implementation plan.

Yearly iMIS Food Costs

Days Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
iMIS Food Compliance License  € 11.700  € 11.934  € 12.173
iMIS Food Implementation 6  € 5.766
Yearly Support 4  € 3.844  € 3.921  € 3.999
Total Cost  € 21.310  € 15.855  € 16.172
Rates (Price index 1.02 per year)
License  € 11.700
Day Rate Consultancy  € 961

Are you curious about the annual costs in your specific case and the total yearly investment for the implementation? Then get in touch with us now!

Full overview per iMIS Food section

Professional - Compliance - HACCP - Connect - Software

Description Professional Compliance HACCP Connect Software

iMIS Food Server

iMIS Food server

On-site server, for offline availability

iMIS Food Software


Digital quality handbook


Digital inspections with mobile devices and PC


Central documentation, action list, and reports


Recipe management, specifications and ingredient declarations, allergens and nutritional values


Tracking system from raw material to customer


Exchange of quality performance and reports

iMIS Food Content

iMIS Generic

Exchange of quality performance and reports

Food Safety hazards

Overview and monitoring of food hazards

EU legislation

Overview and monitoring of EU legislation


Overview and monitoring of the GFSI standards


Food Safety training material

iMIS Food Helpdesk

iMIS Food Helpdesk

Direct help from Food Safety Experts

Direct help from IT Experts

Recall support (24 hours/day)

Central staging and support for recalls

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