The system: iMIS Food Portal

Because all systems are standardized, information can easily be shared between people and systems. Access rights can be set per user that making it possible only to use certain systems or only to read certain information. iMIS Food contains a management system for all operational chain and can be aligned with existing systems. With iMIS Food Portal, all iMIS Food systems are centrally accessible in the chain. With iMIS Food Portal, everyone in the chain can access the following components: the handbook system, the legislation site, the calendar with the planning and rounds carried out and approved specifications. In addition, access can be given to the handling system, conducting the , the specification management system, and the bulletin board for and answers. The iMIS Food Portal is the central of the for the chain. New content and software are implemented through iMIS Food updates and implemented through the iMIS Food intranet.

Working with the iMIS Food Portal provides the following benefits:


  • Integrated management information system
  • The entire chain can use the right
  • The HACCP study is transparent for everyone
  • Correct information disclosed to the customer, , and consumer
  • All information is known to everyone
  • Meet all communication by the quality standards
  • Secure information traffic through user rights
  • Professional information management and issue management
  • Dashboard function in the chain in terms of performance
  • Evidence-based real-time to food safety


  • All information about food safety and quality in one place
  • Provide the right information to fulfill contract agreements
  • The knowledge base of the company, for the entire chain
  • Working in its entirety according to a predefined pattern
  • Able to act quickly in case of problems and issues
  • Increase in the learning capacity of the entire chain


  • Work efficiently and lose little time distributing information
  • Work and communicate according to regulations
  • Documentation system for achieving chain data
  • Everyone is aware of the latest specifications
  • Completed control rounds are immediately available via intranet
  • Central complaint handling with the chain, both towards customer and supplier
  • Central management of the iMIS Food access rights
  • Central implementation of iMIS Food updates

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Application of iMIS Food Portal


With iMIS Food Portal, the entire company is involved in the quality system. All information about quality and food safety can be found on the Portal. It is possible to determine who has what rights to what information. For example, a distinction can be made in only being able to read the application instructions and or being able to modify them. Business-critical information can also be treated as such. As a result, access to, for example, recipe information can be limited. With the central calendar, the inspection round planning can be communicated and monitored, among other things.


All information from suppliers can be handled in the iMIS Food portal system. Raw , packaging materials, cleaning agents, transport, and waste, for example, have a separate environment set up for this, in which specifications can be verified and updated. The centrally accessible handbook describes how to deal with suppliers. Supplier complaints and questionnaires can be handled online.


All customer information can be handled in the iMIS Food Portal system. This makes it clear who communicated what and when to which customer. The centrally accessible handbook describes how to deal with customers. Customer complaints and questionnaires can be handled online. Every customer can see the final product specifications in the desired format and is automatically kept informed of changes. If desired, a customer can also receive real-time reports of food safety compliance.


The relevant legislation is accessible from the iMIS Food Portal. In this, the entire chain can be kept informed about the legal issues. The site contains the following parts: an overview of Dutch legislation, an overview of relevant , new legislation by category and introduction, consolidated European regulations, and frequently asked questions. In the iMIS Food Portal system, legislative changes can be proactively anticipated via the bulletin board and ticket system.


Certifying institutions can see the quality information. iMIS Food is equipped for the certifying standard with real-time dashboards regarding Dutch HACCP, FSSC 22000, BRC Food, and IFS Food. Other standards can be added if desired. The iMIS Food Portal system contains a separate environment for certification with associated company-specific reports, handbook, and inspection rounds. A bulletin board is also available for handling the entire certification process, from quotation to contract to completing the measures.

The implementation of the iMIS Food Portal

  • Explanation of the portal system and training
  • Set up user rights of colleagues, customers, and suppliers
  • Introduction of the portal system to the entire chain

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