Chateau Carpaccio from the Netherlands achieved through the iMIS platform. Nevertheless, the certification process was completed by the BVQI certifying agency.

About Chateau Carpaccio

The establishment of Chateau Carpaccio in 2020 was driven by the desire to offer the world delicious and premium carpaccio. They were initially motivated by a passion for perfection, which still motivates them today. Furthermore, they take great in giving customers an exceptional experience and maintaining log-term relationships with them.

Therefore, they required a certification and thus they are now FSSC 22000 certified!

iMIS Food implementation

iMIS Food has been validated more than 1000 times by the Food Authority and audits.

Furthermore, iMIS Food supports food enterprises to manage Food Safety themselves, with the System (QMS) helping to demonstrably comply with Food Safety, EU and quality standards. 

The implementation , which begins with gathering basic client and preparing the iMIS , lasts 6 to 10 days and has a three-month lead time. Furthermore, after gathering fundamental information such as a logo and flowcharts, the handbook implementation begins, followed by the system implementation. At last, support processes are provided, such as reports, action management, and guidance.

iMIS Food offers

  • The knowledge, content, infrastructure, systems and real-time for Food Safety ;
  • Always compliant with EU legislation and standards;
  • Direct access to our Food Safety experts;
  • The system also works offline;
  • Dutch, English, and content.

iMIS Food implementation steps

If you are interested to see all steps into details, please find here the full implementation plan of iMIS Food system.

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