iMIS Food Implementation

iMIS Food is a fully equipped Food Safety platform. Unique is the installation of an iMIS Food server at the Food company, for online and offline availability. The iMIS Food Helpdesk is available for daily support.

The online implementation process includes 6 to 10 days of support and has a lead time of 3 months.

iMIS Food implementation

1.0 Preparing iMIS Food system
1.01 Send iMIS Food specifications for server configuration
1.02 Place 32 folder system
1.1 Gather basic information
1.11 HACCP study validation & verification
1.12 Legislation: HACCP and food safety authority matters
1.13  Flowcharts
1.14  Logo for the signs and HACCP poster
1.2 Handbook implementation
1.21 Explanation of handbook system and
1.22 Activate generic iMIS information
1.23 Determining company-specific information, including procedures and instructions
1.24 Adding the company-specific information
1.25 Introduce the new handbook system to colleagues
1.3 system implementation
1.31 Explanation of audit system and training
1.32 Determine the desired inspection rounds and frequency
1.33 Make an inventory of company-specific information for the inspection rounds
1.34 Creating a company-specific audit system
1.35 Add desired users to audit system
1.36 Setting up the handhelds with inspection rounds
1.37 Introduce the new audit system to colleagues
1.4 Implementation of specification management system
1.41 Explanation of specification management system and training
1.42 Request recent raw material specifications and recipes
1.43 Determining the structure of the end product specifications
1.44 Adding users to the specification management system
1.45 Approve new end product specifications and post them on the intranet
1.46 Introduce the new specification management system to colleagues
1.5 Implement tracking system
1.51 Explanation of tracking system and training
1.52 Configure scanners and printers
1.53 Determining the raw materials, products, and customer data
1.54 Add desired users to the tracking system
1.55 Testing the clearance of raw materials, generating product labels, and delivery to the customer
1.56 Introduce the new tracking system to colleagues
1.6 Implement intranet system
1.61 Explanation of intranet system and training
1.62 Setting up user rights
1.63 Introduce the intranet system to colleagues
QAssurance support process
2. Scheduled activities
2.1 Internal audit // supplemented with pest control / , and etc.
2.2 Verification report
2.3 Management review
2.4 test
2.5 Tracking test (or testing, for claims)
2.6 iMIS Food QuickScan
2.7 Cross table to the norm
2.8 Preparation of QA audit folder
2.9 Audit guidance
2.10 Corrective action handling

More about Qassurance and iMIS Food

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