Wanneer dient een allergeen gedeclareerd te worden?

Het antwoord:

Wanneer een allergeen gedeclareerd dient te worden, kan op basis van onderstaande informatie worden bepaald.

Allergens present in the product, either by design or by potential manufacturing cross contact, shall be declared. The declaration shall be on the label for consumer products, and on the label or the accompanying documentation for products intended for further Processing.

Products shall be protected from unintended allergen cross contact by cleaning and line changeove practices and/or Product sequencing.

NOTE Manufacturing cross con tact may arise from either:

a) traces of product from the previous production run which cannot be adequately cleaned from the product line due to technical limitations

b) when contact is likely to occur in the normal manufacturing process, with products or ingredients that are produced on separate lines, or in the same or adjacent Processing areas.

Rework containing allergen(s) shall be used only:

a) in products which contain the same allergen(s) by design; or

b) through a process which is demonstrated to remove or destroy the allergenic material.

NOTE 1 For general rework requirement see Clause 14.

NOTE 2 Food handling employees should receive specific training in allergen awareness and associated