Do you ever wonder if you...

  • Have a QA manager next month.
  • Will have no surprises in an unannounced audit.
  • Comply with the correct legislation.
  • Comply with the standards and customer requirements.
  • Can double the productivity of the QA department.

You can manage Food Safety yourself with iMIS Food!

Connect to comply!

  • Your Food Safety Assurance platform as a service
  • Business & Mission critical: offline available
  • Works together with the cloud solution
  • Great user experience: Plug and Play
  • Developed in the Dutch Food Safety ecosystem
Cees van Elst Qassurance

Food Safety Assurance tools

To support you with the latest requirements, we have made some of our tools public.

Our Food Safety training and scorecards will help you to improve the Food Safety Compliance knowledge and capacity in your organization.

Looking forward to get in touch.

What does iMIS Food do?

Do you want to know how you can improve Food Safety knowledge in your organization with iMIS Food? Calculate your score here at our Food Safety Digital Transformation Calculator.


Building Food System Resilience within a Learning Organization

Our global food supply chains are changing very quickly, driven by increasing demand, growing complexity, and longer and longer input supply chains. Industry consolidation is outpacing the capability of managers to assimilate and integrate acquisitions.



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QAssurance Events

Food Safety Compliance Course winter edition

In January, three groups joined the Food Safety Compliance courses. A Dutch, English and a group from Larenstein University of Applied Sciences.
Food Compliance training january

Food Safety Compliance training Online

We go back to the basics with the food safety compliance training, the foundation to properly fulfill the complex function of QA manager, now and tomorrow.
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