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In June 2021, FOGA Organic Gum from Sudan started the implementation of iMIS Food . The iMIS Food server in Rotterdam is currently being fully set up for FSSC22000 , after which real-time tracking and in the factory can be done. Gum production in Khartoum can be both verified and validated from our Global Food Center and our Food experts can support directly. To read more about FOGA Gum and the implementation of the iMIS Food Global we refer to the online article of the Dutch medium Trouw.

FOGA Organic

FOGA believes that the work we’ve done so far is only the beginning for future generations. FOGA’s corporate responsibility includes the following:

Fair pricing for farmers are one way FOGA helps to food . As a result, they have more money to spend on their families’ meals. FOGA  assists them in improving the gum’s quality so that they may command even greater rates in the marketplace.

Women in the villages are paid to after the seedlings in village nurseries. Their family will benefit from the additional money. Women may also cultivate additional trees or crops in the nursery, enhancing the local food supply and reducing food .

Water projects such as deep wells and pump stations are paid for by their social return. For the purpose of rehabilitating wells and building water extension pipes, FOGA works with the of local water to reach an agreement.

FOGA iMIS Food Global

We are a Food Tech firm in Food Safety Compliance. Experts in setting up and maintaining Food Safety Systems for companies in the Food Supply Chain. We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers for Transparency and Trust in the Global Food Supply Chain.
In our Partnership Program we would like to work together with (Non)Governmental Organizations, Universities, Multinationals and Food companies.

iMIS Food Global is a fully equipped Food Safety platform for developing countries. Unique is the installation of an iMIS Food server at the Food company, for online and offline availability.
The online (no travel costs) iMIS Food implementation process includes 6 to 10 days of support and has a lead time of 3 months.

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