iMIS Food Service & Retail

iMIS Food offers a total solution for food service companies and retail companies to ensure that the companies at the last steps of the global food supply chain comply with the latest standards and legislation. In addition, to our digital solution, we offer food service and retail companies the latest software and hardware updates and a team of specialized food safety experts that can support the companies when needed. The total overview of products for the food safety platform is listed below.

iMIS Food Service & Retail offers:

  • iMIS Food provides: Food Safety knowledge, information, infrastructure, and procedures
  • Always current on Food Safety risks, EU regulations, FSSC22000, BRC, and IFS;
  • Direct access to our specialists in Food Safety;
  • Management of Business Continuity: the system also operates offline;
  • Real-time information on food safety for customers and consumers;
  • Content in Dutch, English, German, and French.

Retail and Wholesale

Both the retail and wholesale levels of the food chain include a lot of complexity. The consumer, who is at the end of the supply chain, may be directly affected by the risks and hazards of retail and wholesale. Therefore, we provide a version of iMIS compatible with retail and wholesale to real-time comply with the latest standards and legislation.

Food Service

Food service companies produce products that could directly impact the consumer’s health. The customer, who is located at the end of the supply chain, may be directly impacted by the risks and dangers associated with retail and wholesale. Therefore, we provide a version of iMIS that is compatible with food service providers to ensure real-time compliance.

Overview Food ervice and Retail standards

Comply with the latest standards by using iMIS Food Service & Retail.

Retail & Service
BRCThe standard specifies the requirements for food retail supply chain organizations that provide services such as product sourcing, acquisition, importation, distribution, preparation, and retailing. Companies may also possess processing, storage, or distribution facilities, but these facilities must be certified to appropriate production, storage, and distribution requirements.
IFSTo improve the audit processes of wholesalers and cash & carry marketplaces, the IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry Standard was created. Besides a wide range of traded products, IFS Wholesale can also carry out certain treatment and/or processing activities and develop its own brands.
FSSC 22000The worldwide standard ISO 22000 is used for food safety management in FSSC 22000, with PAS 221 as the required retail and wholesale programs and extra certification criteria. This combination enables consistent, high-quality audits monitored by an integrity program to measure and sustain delivery performance globally. Aside from its worldwide scope, FSSC 22000 is relevant across the whole supply chain. Thus, all retail and wholesale businesses selling and preparing food are subject to FSSC 22000.

For more information about iMIS Food Service and retail, contact us to answer all your questions.

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In our Partnership Program we would like to work together with (Non)Governmental Organizations, Universities, Multinationals and Food companies.

iMIS Food is a fully equipped Food Safety Compliance platform. Unique is the installation of an iMIS Food server at the Food company, for online and offline availability. The online (no travel costs) iMIS Food implementation process includes 6 to 10 days of support and has a lead time of 3 months.

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