: of a common

Pulses are here understood to mean:

  • All kinds of :
    • green beans;
    • string beans;
    • lapwing beans;
    • flageolets;
    • aduki or adzuki beans;
    • brown and white beans;
    • black and red kidney beans;
    • lima beans;
    • mung beans;
    • snap beans;
    • bacon beans;
    • butter beans;
    • broad beans; snow peas.
  • All types of peas:
    • green peas;
    • yellow peas;
    • green peas;
    • lentils;
    • capuchins;
    • chickpeas (or chickpeas).
  • Bean sprouts, alfalfa, katjang idjoe;
  • fenugreek.

Examples of ingredients and products that contain or may contain pulses 

  • Flour from beans (clusterbean or guarflour) or peas and concentrates.
  • Pastry, marzipan, soups, salads, cakes, biscuits, falafel, pudding powders, sweets,
  • Vegetarian substitutes, oriental and Mexican dishes, ready-made meals.

Points of attention:

  • Sprouts such as bean sprouts are not legume free;
  • Bean sprouts are not legumes;
  • Do not specify here: Gum arabic/guar gum;
  • Do not enter carob gum and carob powder here;
  • Do not specify here: , soya and (these are legumes, but are specified separately).
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