Purpose Disinfection check:

Check the effectiveness of the .

Definition Disinfection check:

Disinfection: killing with the help of a disinfection solution. 

: See /.


A good disinfection is very important to prevent the accumulation of micro-organisms. It also prevents the possibility of cross . Through proper disinfection, the micro-organisms are killed. The following can be done yourself or (partially) outsourced. 

  • Make an petri dish of the object to be assessed. 
  • Make sure the agar is not touched. This causes contamination and gives a wrong result. 
  • Clearly label the petri dish. 
  • Incubate the petri dish according to specifications. 
  • Assess the petri dish. 
  • the results. 

Assess petri dish:

Normally the results are sorted by a classification:

Class Amount CFU Verdict 
0-2 Very good 
3-9 Good 
10-29 Moderate 
30-89 Poor 
90 and higher Very poor 

Because we only view 0 and 1 as good, we have chosen to use the following classification: 

Class Amount CFU Verdict 
10 and more Poor 
0-9 Good 

Actions by abnormalities:

When a 0 is scored, a resampling should be performed within 1 week to assess whether it is a structural abnormality or an . If the resampling is still poor: 

  • The cause must be determined, for

o ignorance; 
o Incorrect

  • The execution should be checked. 
  • The should be instructed regarding cleaning and disinfection. 
  • After instruction, a new sampling should take place. 
  • If more than 50% of the items (total) scores a 0 for the first sample and resampling, the of the disinfectants must be contacted. This is to prevent microbiological resistance. 
  • Record all taken.
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