Entry check Requirements

It is important to only receive those which meet the agreed . For the this includes:

Entry check Requirements: Determine Quality

  • Comply with the standards.
  • Follows specifications.
  • Correct quality.
  • Correct certificates or accompanying if applicable.

Entry check Requirements: Quantity topics

  • Delivered what was ordered.
  • Correct units
  • Etc.

Entry check concerning Food Safety

  • The correct and no signs of being thawed;
  • Free of ;
  • Well packaged, no open or damaged packaging;
  • Proper and shelf-life;
  • No broken seals or other that point to possible corruption ( defence) or ;
  • Etc.

Each delivered batch is randomly checked upon receipt. During the entry check, specific requirements may be set for each or . The findings are recorded as well as whether the batch was accepted or not. Edit

Action by abnormalities procedure

Supplied products that do not meet the quality requirements will often cause problems in our own process. But more importantly, in the quality and of our own end products, not to mention the financial consequences.

The instruction describes how entry should be conducted and to what standards. It also states the to be taken in the of any abnormalities.

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