Customer satisfaction procedure

For new customers, we try to figure out what their fundamental needs and expectations are of the to enhance costumer . Specific must be known prior to the delivery. All new will be checked in advance. 

Costumer satisfaction: agreements

When there are customer agreements with regard to:

  1. recipe (including raw material characteristics)
  2. process technology requirements

these conditions must be met.

Everything is included in the delivery contract if it deviates from the usual delivery contract. 

Specification delivery concerning satisfaction

Specifications are given to the client prior to the delivery. After approval, delivery can be made. 

Costumer satisfaction and expactations

If there is a need to deviate from the customer requirement / expectation due to any circumstance, this will be communicated to the customer prior to delivery. The customer decides whether they would rather receive the product or an alternative. This is recorded as / and if necessary agreed in writing with the client. 

The product wishes and requirements, if necessary or by private label, are included in the final . Monitoring compliance of specific requirements takes place on the basis of and

Measuring customer satisfaction:

General customer satisfaction is determined in the yearly .

The customer satisfaction is determined by:

  • Total complaints; 
  • Sales growth by customers;
  • Sales market by customers; 
  • Lost relationships;
  • Feedback from customers. 

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In our Partnership Program we would like to work together with (Non)Governmental Organizations, Universities, Multinationals and Food companies.

iMIS Food Global is a fully equipped Food Safety platform for developing countries. Unique is the installation of an iMIS Food server at the Food company, for online and offline availability.
The online (no travel costs) iMIS Food implementation process includes 6 to 10 days of support and has a lead time of 3 months.

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Suddenly, suspended for FSSC22000? How can it happen?

When a food company is suspended by the certifier without reason, it has nothing to do with your company but with their mismanagement.