Entry check procedures checklist

The following topics have to be covered in the ;

1. Only receive deliveries from approved suppliers. 
2. Only receive for which approved specifications are present. 
3. Only receive products under signed terms of delivery. 
4. The driver may only load and unload after the means of transport have been registered. 
5. The driver must have hands and wear clean
6. The driver must comply with the iMIS external
7. The recipient the delivery for:
a. Order quantity
b. (where needed)
c. Transport conditions
d. Driver
8. This is done in accordance with the entry check form.
9. The temperature is measured with a calibrated thermometer. This thermometer is disinfected before and after use.
10. All findings, actions, and comments must be noted on the entry check form.
11. The delivery is also assigned a tracking number. 
12. If necessary, a process sample is taken from the delivery and a process sample number is assigned to it. 
13. This also applied to returns (products received by the ). Only returns from EC approved may be received. 
14. This procedure also applies to pre-printed . These must be checked against the product with each delivery. 
15. This procedure also applies to outsourced production and packaging activities. 
16. This procedure also applies to products stored outside, the must not be affected. 

Actions by abnormalities

If the standard is not met, the must be contacted about how to act. Preferably before the driver has left again. All actions must be recorded on the entry check form.

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