Why FSSC Food Packaging Manufacturing?

Producing safe and packaging is a crucial part of ensuring in the food chain. The packaging of food and pet food can have many essential functions such as;

  • Protecting the for
  • The marketing of the product
  • Describing the product

The packaging itself can pose a if it does not meet the specifications for use and if the of the company is not up to standard. This can result in contamination of microorganisms, toxins, , or physical hazards such as glass, plastic and splinters.

The food sector has many . The packaging must meet many to ensure that the packaging supports the safety of the product. It is necessary that the right materials for the packaging have been chosen. There are many materials possible for packaging, glass, plastic, , paper. Each material has its own product risks.


FSSC 2200 is applicable for many types of companies that have packaging materials, hall products and full-fledged packaging for food and pet food;

  • Flexible and hard plastics such as, foils, crates, bags
  • Paper such as, cardboard, boxes, bags
  • Metal such as, cans, bottles and boxes
  • Glass such as, cups and bottles
  • Containers, large bags, bins, tanks, drums for bulk

Obtaining and maintaining certification through iMIS Food

Obtaining is not easy. You have to comply with many requirements. By working with our solution iMIS Food it is easier to obtain and also maintain your BRC certification. iMIS Food is the abbreviation for Integrated & Information Systems – for Food Safety and Quality Assurance. In other words, an integrated management information system for food quality assurance.