We have several HACCP tables. Below you can see the HACCP variation table that we have composed concerning the subject ‘Viruses, and prions’. Since this table is very extensive, we recommend using the download below to view the table properly.


, ricket, prionOriginFood MIDDisease MeasurementsComments
Hepatitis-aHumanAll food products that are contaminated by humans or food that is contaminated by faecal polluted water → , especially .A few virus particlesInfectious jaundice. Incubation period: 2 to 6 weeks.o Personal
o Contaminated should not process raw .
o Heat for several minutes at 85-90 ° C.
o Sensitive target groups should prevent consumption of shellfish.
Chlorination resistant. Because of the long incubation time is it difficult to trace the origin.
Viral-gastro-enteritis (stomach flu with diarrhoea, stomach ache and vomitting) viruses (adenovirus, astrovirus, calicivirus, , Nor-walkvirus, rotavirus)HumanAll food products direct or through aerosols or vomitting by Human contaminated or faecal polluted water → especially shellfish.A few virus particlesGastro-enteritis. Incubation time is 12-50 hours; infants and small children are extra sensitive for viruses.o Personal hygiene
o Contaminated persons should prevent the handling of raw materials.
o Heating: several minutes at 85-90 ° C.
o Sensitive target groups should prevent consumption of shellfish.
Norwalk virus is the most common among older children and adults. Rotavirus could be fatal for infants and young children. 30% of gastroenteritis is caused by virusses (not necessarily through food!).
PoliovirusHumanRaw PolioPasturized milkUnder in the Netherlands.
PrionsSheeps, old cows and humans.Organs containing central nervours system tissues (brains as ).Degenerative diseases of nervous system.Scrapie (at sheeps), BSE (bovine) en Creutzfeld Jacob (Humans) caused by prions. Further relatively unknown. Transmission from animal to human (zoönose) and the transmission from bovine to human is very probable.
Norwalk-like ( Norovirus) viruses (part of the Calici-virus family.Food products without heat treatment before consumption, shellfish and washed fruits and vegetables.10-100 (very low)o Infection caused explosieves diarrhea, nausea, vomitting and fever.
o Children mainly vomit.
o Duration disease is 2 days.
o Medication is not available and necessary.
o All consumers are prone for infections.o Groups with decreased immunity (YOPI’s) have an increased risk.
o Infected people stay 3 days after being symptom free contagious.
o Staff who are problable contaminated should conduct different work, even after dissapearance of the symptoms.
o Inhibit virus outbreaks in places where contaminated shellfish are being cultivated.
o Development of microbiological quality critereia for virusses.
o NLV-viruses are very contagious.
o Toxins are not being formed.
o This type of viruses could cause outrbreaks at places where humans live in close communities.
o NLV’s are able to survive when a product is heated insufficient. o There is no legislation for the inhibitting of viral food infections.
o Viruses need to reproduce.