What is IFS Broker?

With increasing globalization, raw and are being sourced in new ways and from different sources. Distributors, agents and importers are an important element in bringing producers and retailers together. IFS was created to ensure the and of products and bridge the gap between production and distribution. partners expect brokers, agents and importers to communicate their requirements to producers and that these specifications are understood and implemented.

The standard verifies that engaged parties have taken appropriate in their services so that their suppliers work in accordance with product safety and quality requirements. Brokers, agents and importers must also verify that their supplier complies with these issues, so that the products supplied meet the legal and contractual specifications.

IFS Broker audit

As of September 2020, IFS Broker audits can be performed remotely. This option is voluntary and must be agreed between the audited organization and the certification body. As part of this decision, both parties must assess whether the auditor and the site have access to and communication technologies (ICT) and are able to use them effectively.

Stakeholder for IFS Broker

IFS Broker audits are conducted by qualified auditors from independent, accredited certification organizations. The standards relate to the following topics.

  • responsibility
  • Quality and product safety management systems
  • Management of resources
  • Planning and service processes
  • Measurement, and
  • Product protection

IFS Broker Goals

The goals of IFS Broker are:

  • Ensuring with uniform standards through systems.
  • Ensuring that product comparability and transparency are validated throughout the chain
  • Collaboration with accredited certification bodies
  • Saving costs and time for suppliers and retailer

Advantages of IFS Broker

IFS certification offers a number of benefits for companies that strive for excellence in quality and customer . In addition, certification can serve as a competitive advantage in the marketplace

  • Improving confidence in suppliers and products.
  • Shortening the time for supplier
  • Shortening the time for tracing products beyond the given specification.
  • For the defense of due diligence
  • The ability to reduce the cost of individual audits by combining different audits.
  • Better understanding of standards and manufacturers for staff and management
  • Monitoring compliance with food and non-food
  • More use of raw materials
  • Reduction in customer inspections
  • Independent audits by an independent party
  • Reduction in inspection time as multiple inspections can be conducted simultaneously
  • Enhancement of the company's reputation as a supplier through certification
  • Ability to deal with customers who prefer third party audits
  • Use of the IFS logo

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