Extended question : Can mold develop in strong cooling ?

Can develop on a due to strong refrigeration, for instance when the product is transported by an airplane?

Mold growth, in a strong cooling environment

Yes, due to the strong in the air at high altitudes, mold can develop on the product. Because of that cooling, the dew point in the package drops and condensation takes place. Possibly this condensation is even at that high altitude. After the plane lands, the rises and the condensation will end up on the product. Thereby, the Aw value will increase greatly, allowing the mold spores present to grow. This is also the reason why some areas show growth and others do not, especially where the condensation was present.

Finally, there is no protective atmosphere in the packages and it will not hinder the outgrowth of mold.

Fungi and natural Mycotoxins production

Some can produce mycotoxins. A (from the Gk. μύκης (mykes) “fungus”) is a poison () produced by an organism of the fungal family, such as mushrooms, filamentous fungi, and . Most fungi are aerobic (they use oxygen) and are found almost everywhere in very small amounts because of their spores. Fungi can grow on crops such as grains, , and (legume) fruits, but can also end up in made from them, such as and peanut butter. More about mycotoxins can be found in the following ‘mycotoxins hazard table‘.

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