Procedure Storage

General information storage

are stored under the correct conditions. All of our storage cells (raw , , chemicals, lubricants, finished products, , etc.) are constructed in such a way that it is fit for their intended use. There is also no negative impact on the of the stored . The products must be packaged or, in this , covered in order to be stored.

The indicated on the label of the product is obligatory for the storage temperature of the products. Storage takes place according to (First In, First Out). If necessary, this is deviated from:

  • FEFO (First Expired First Out), by problems with best before date.
  • LIFO (Last In First Out), with potential quality problems, quality decline.

The storage cells are cleaned and, where necessary, disinfected following a fixed .

Temperature control and monitoring:

Naturally, the storage cells must be sufficiently cooled or . The temperature is done through the automated system. The system has the required temperature per cell set, including the alarm value.

When the temperature is exceeded, an automatic alarm is issued. The alarm also issues outside working hours. This alarm has a delay because of the defrosting periods of the refrigeration, where a small warm-up takes place for a short time. The temperature history is also recorded in the system. Daily temperatures are checked in the system.

In addition to the measurements, visit the various storage cells multiple times a day. An elevated temperature will be noticed by the perceived temperature and/or handling of the products.

In the of temperature exceedances, a is made of the exceedance and the ( and preventative) taken. The measures depend on the temperature of the cell and the product, the duration of the exceedance, and the cause of the high temperatures. 

External storage:

External storage in, for , tanks, silos, and pipes with an external opening must be closed. 

Action by abnormalities:

Actions depend on the abnormality.

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