Introduction to Food safety quality management

A group of approximately 50 second-year Food students of the Wageningen University have attended the class. A study where students learn about, natural sciences, food processing, nutrition, consumer behaviour, and as well as . As some of these students will end up as future quality managers, food consultants, or auditors it is important that they understand the practical fundamental of . Furthermore, if the students end up in a different department, or somewhere else in the food chain, it is essential to know how the are produced and which legislations and criteria are in place.

The lecture

On the 30th of May 2022, Cees introduced Food Safety , by addressing practical examples. The did not cover the traditional topics in food safety. For , understanding of the Food Safety theory, knowledge of bacterial growth, Aw and pH content heating , and how to deal with other hazards. The lectures had a practical scope. It is important to understand that you work with people, thus management skills need to be in place to change the Food Safety and create a consistent environment. When a systemic behaviour change is in place the Food Safety is improved within the food in all departments, as well as, the company is prepared to deal with constant , in the . There are 400 legislation changes in a year, changing food safety criteria thus this knowledge is crucial. Furthermore, suppliers, laboratories, Food Safety authorities, retailers customers, and consumers can be very demanding and evolve with new .

Lecture content

The lecture content can be found on the following link with extra links that could be useful for a student. If you have more about the company you can always us.

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