I4Nature and Youth World Food Day

I4Nature inspires businesses to do more for the and encourages children, youngster,  to reach their greatest potential. They bring inspiration and enlightenment by focusing on what is fresh and current. Through a connection to the Green Generation, the DNA of your will become prepared for the future. 14Nature does many project in the scope of and Agri, and organizing this one of them to connect different age and to talk about important lessons. QAssurance got invited to be a part of this event by Silke Remmits from I4Nature. George and Silke met eachother already 4 or 5 years ago in China because of Uni. and food systems is heavy topic that has been discussed during the event. Furthermore, food and food connected therefore the paths of both crossed. Thank you for inviting us I4Nature.

The Youth World Food Day

A day that celebrates food with youth but also calls attention to the challenges facing today's . YWFD calls for sufficient, and healthy food for all. Food security is a hot topic internationally, among young and old alike. During our festival, we ensure that fun and interesting conversations take place between facilitators, , and young talent in the world of food security and the food system so that young people can make an impact on these challenges. Exchange ideas and learn from each other! Together we can make the world a better place. During the event, all in put of youth and input of the speakers in combined into the YWFDeal that will be presented as a paper at a conference later in the year.

Workshop food safety by QAssurance

Food safety is sometimes a forgotten how ever an essential part of food security. Youngsters between 10 and 30 will discuss together in this workshop how their favorite food is made. How many ingredients does the food contain, where do these ingredients come from? It does not matter whether you a background in food safety or worked in a food , together we brainstorm how these together, as well in a second brainstorm how to keep these difficult supply chains safe how do we do that. It was inspriring to see kids debate about these topics, as well to see their creative approach. Depanding on the age group we decided to change the diffuculties, with some students/young proffesionals we have to debated how they see the future of .

George and Silke at the event
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