George Visiting the Philippines

Our platform manager George left on the 10th of March for The Philippines to be part of the Market Matching event of . Next to , reconnecting with his family was a moment of leisure. During the Market Matching event on the 13th of March, QAssurance, Profound and 1-2 Taste were present to connect businesses with the Filipino Agri- sector. Food producers, traders, and governmental organizations, as well as the Dutch-Philippines chamber of commerce and the Dutch embassy, were present.

Market Matching Event by AGREA

On March 13th, 2023, AGREA Agricultural Systems held a Market-Matching Event at the Romulo Café Jupiter in Makati City to bring together various agricultural industry players. In addition to preparing Filipino food and agri- to in the Netherlands by about innovations in food , digital , and event promotion support, the event aimed to strengthen partnerships in the food and agriculture sector, specifically for SME enterprises. The event consisted of multiple speakers, as well as round tables to answer in a smaller and more setting.

Participants of the event

There were more than fifty agricultural and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) stakeholders, including representatives from the corporate sector, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, farmers' unions, and other . In addition, the project aimed to address a dearth of technology transmission and application of Dutch FMCG, agricultural and farm developments in the Philippines.


  • Jasper Schouten CEO of 1-2 Taste, presented the digital platform 1-2 Taste. It is the first online platform dedicated solely to the commercial sale of food ingredients, services, and equipment.
  • ProFound, founded in 1990 by Bert-Jan Ottens, Senior Advisor, a pioneer in natural goods promotion, has evolved into a of specialists in developing sustainable value chains for natural ingredients used in food, cosmetics, and health.
  • George Miedema represented QAssurance and discussed the importance of Food Safety and a good . He also demonstrated the new iMIS server with , food safety, and functionalities.


  • The Agrea Group aims to transform the Filipino agricultural sector by leading and coordinating the sector's development. Through its for-profit business and non-profit foundation, Agrea engages with the whole , from farmers to big and small companies and all levels of government.
  • Agrea has become a leader in sustainability in the Philippines and is a champion of regenerative agriculture. Agrea empowers farmers to become financially independent and uniquely healthy and tasty crops by focusing on techniques regenerating the soil and intercropping.
  • Cherrie Atilano started Agrea in Marinduque, a small island in the Philippines' heart. She is a recognized leader and speaker in agriculture. Her as a high-level nutrition ambassador for the United Nations include championing the transformation of food systems worldwide.
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