Cornelis Bartlema Food Group B.V. – Verification

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Relationship: Cornelis Bartlema Group B.V.
Date/time:Present: Martinus van Elst and Remon HameeteObjective
: Performing a verificatio

Verification Cornelis Bartlema Food Group B.V.

The verification is carried out to assess ex-post whether the food system has worked adequately and where the possible improvements lie.

The verification report is discussed in the and it has been discussed in the .


Cornelis Food Bartlema Group has just started up and produces filled biscuits. Cornelis Food Bartlema Group is IFS certified. We have been producing minimally since April 2019 and the base is slowly expanding. However, there is already a solid manual with a clear .

The system works well. The dangers are controlled. This verification covers 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019. The that is present has been processed in this verification.

CCP and LCP analysis

Process stepCCP: PointComments
Visual checkCCPNo comment about 2019
Process stepLCP: Control PointComments
Reception perishable gro
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