Vendor Assurance Management with iMIS Food Connect

Vendor Assurance Management

Current supplier management and assessment systems are based on:

  • supplier selection & purchasing conditions
  • certificates of analysis & entry check
  • on-site certification and audits.

Internationally operating companies usually have Vendor Assurance managers who conduct on-site audits worldwide to test the agreements made regarding product and process quality and ethics. As a result, there is a lot of travel, and of course, on the days of the supplier visit the agreed protocols in the factory are neatly followed.


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But does this also happen the rest of the year? With iMIS Food Connect, the supplier is equipped with a real-time monitoring system, which provides daily access to the most recently agreed procedures, registrations, desired documentation and it is clear whether these are demonstrably complied with by the supplier. The Vendor Assurance team has a real-time dashboard of all vendors’ performance and can anticipate where necessary.

Real-time Food Safety Compliance is the key to the future.

We are committed to removing the barriers to transparency and trust in the Global Food Supply Chain.

  • Fewer travel costs and CO2 emissions
  • Daily supplier reports
  • Knowledge building with the supplier
  • Improved supplier relationship and performance
  • A possible path for GFSI supplier certification

Reliance on audits is the reliance on annual validation (the procedures comply with the standard and agreements).

Relying on iMIS Food Connect is relying on daily validation, verification, and reporting (work has been done today according to the procedure, which complies with the standard and agreements).

Connect to comply

iMIS Food offers a complete infrastructure for QA matters, enabling efficient compliance with changing legislation and standards.

More than 1000 audits have been successfully completed with iMIS Food since 2009!

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*What does this scan look like? In the one hour (online) zoom meeting, a Business Benefit analysis is jointly carried out for the use of iMIS Food. After this meeting, you will know the current status of the QA function within your company, what the business risks are, and what costs you can save.

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