Various have been drawn up for the HACCP study and the different standards. A distinction is made between the HACCP process schemes (coordinated one-on-one with the HACCP study), ISO schemes and floor plans.

HACCP process diagrams (raw materials and processes)

  • CCPs
  • QCPs
  • LCPs

ISO schemes


  • Staff access points
  • Access points for raw / packaging
  • Staff routing
  • Routing of / packaging
  • Creation / routing of semi-finished
  • Creation / routing end products
  • Creation / routing waste, both product and packaging or overpack / cardboard / and etc.
  • Waste bins 
  • Access areas for auxiliary materials
  • Routing of auxiliary materials
  • of staff facilities (incl. changing room, toilet, canteen, smoking room)
  • process diagram
  • Tap points / water pipe / water reservoir / water source facility / water treatment / water recycling
  • Air supply
  • Drainage systems in of high / BRC
  • Bait boxes / fly lamps
  • routing
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Cameras
  • Emergency lighting
  • Compressor air (with direct contact with product: filtered)
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