General pest control

Nuisance from a pest or can usually be prevented by taking some simple .

Construction condition.

  • Walls, ceilings and floors should be tight and flat to avoid hiding places.
  • The walls have no holes and connect well to the floor and ceiling.
  • There are no holes in the exterior walls.
  • All doors must close properly.
  • There are no gaps > 0.5 cm. This is to prevent and rats in the .
  • The sewage system is in good condition. Where necessary, spherical grids have been placed on the rainwater drainage.
  • Insulation around hot pipes must be sound and sealed to prevent hiding places.
  • Preferably no opening windows and doors near open water.
  • Groundwater under the floors is prevented.
  • Cracks are prevented.
  • Standing water in gutters and on the roof is prevented as much as possible.
  • Cavities are sealed at the top and bottom.


  • Everything is kept .
  • The grounds and building are well maintained to avoid hiding places.
  • Litter is prevented.
  • containers are closed.
  • Eating and drinking is only allowed in the designated areas. These areas are cleaned at a fixed .

Industrial hygiene

  • The are not placed directly on the floor. There is also space between the pallets and the wall so that is possible.
  • The stocks are inspected for the presence of pests.
  • Various measures apply within the .
  • Wooden pallets are kept clean and dry.
  • Planting is kept as short as possible and at least 60 cm from the facade.
  • Pallets are cleared 30 cm from the floor and 50 cm from the wall to allow proper inspection.
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