This comes from:

  • Industry associations.
  • Government agencies.
  • And private information sources such as QAssurance. 

Product authenticity abuses are reported via, among others:

A vulnerability assessment is executed on the basis of this information, on all of foodstuff raw in order to assess the of counterfeiting or substituting. This takes into account: 

  • Historical evidence of counterfeiting or substitution;
  • Economic factors that make counterfeiting or substitution attractive;
  • Accessibility to raw materials through the supply chain; 
  • Refinement of routine testing to identify counterfeit resources;
  • Nature of the raw material.

This vulnerability assessment is formally assessed at least annually in order to take into account and process modified economic conditions and market information that could change the possible

If raw materials are identified in this vulnerability assessment as being at special risk of counterfeiting or substitution, appropriate warranty and / or testing processes will be put into place to reduce the risk. 

If products are labelled or there are made on the end packaging that depend on the status of the raw material, such as:

  • Specific origin or source;
  • Breed / varieties claims;
  • Status of assurance (for , GAP);
  • Genetically modified organism status (GMO);
  • Identity retention;
  • Specific name trademark ingredients.

then the status of each batch of raw material will be checked.

As an organization, we purchasing data, of use of raw materials and end product packaging with claims. As an organization we are obligated to frequently perform a documented mass balance test with regard to claims. This is carried out and recorded at least every 6 months (in case of the absence of a system certificate) that guarantees product authenticity.

For claims related to the methods of production (for example , Beter Leven, , kosher), we as an organization must have the necessary to be able to make this

The process flow for the product of products with a claim is documented and possible areas for or loss of identity identified. Appropriate are established to ensure product integrity. 

Associated files

Food Vulnerability Assessment.

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