We are well aware that food safety, legislation, , health and safety of the staff, and the high quality of our products and services cannot succeed without the commitment of our entire team! To make our policy and objectives clear to everyone, this is regularly communicated in various consultations. We strive to anchor a positive and awareness with regard to quality and food safety in our organisation.

We have been certified for additional proof of how we as an organisation deal with food safety and quality. Naturally, we ensure that our certificates are renewed in time.

We conform to the applicable laws, , standards etc. as they apply and will abide by them. This applies to the law but also to the various standards.


The of food safety and quality is a to which everyone contributes in accordance with his function and position in the organisation. This control applies to both external and internal processes. The management considers itself responsible for the implementation and development of the quality system and is assisted in this by the head of the quality department.

The management considers itself responsible for the food safety and quality policy. The entire company must adhere to the policy as laid down. The aim is to make safe authentic products that meet the legal as well as the wishes and requirements of customers. We have appointed a confidential adviser to whom safety, quality, integrity, legal, and conditions issues can be reported anonymously. This is: include the name and contact details of the confidential advisor. 

The head of the quality department is responsible for day-to-day affairs, policy implementation, and in general. He acts as a management representative on food safety and quality.

The main quality department has the following tasks:
• checking compliance with the policy;
• carry out food safety and quality policy in regards to staff;
• determining compliance with expectations;
• reporting the findings and possible improvements regarding quality, food safety, customer , and meeting customer expectations;
• communication on food safety and quality internal and external;
• management of the ;
• is a representative of the standards and certification bodies;
• is partly responsible for the right quality, processes, and specifications.

Naturally, reporting takes place towards the MT.

Improve continuously

Stagnation means decline. It is therefore essential that there is continuous improvement on all facets within the company as far as technologically and financially feasible. This applies to buildings, machines, material, processes, customer satisfaction, and etc.

The management will do everything in its power to make available the resources that are necessary for this improvement and to maintain the current state of affairs regarding food safety and quality.

Food safety

We bear the responsibility vis-à-vis our customers to treat and produce the products in such a controlled way that only food-safe products of the correct high quality are delivered.

In order to maximize fulfillment of this responsibility, every production step that determines food safety is subject to a risk analysis. Appropriate food safety have been established and are being applied on an ongoing basis.

Food defense and fraud

Risk analyzes have been carried out with regard to and and appropriate and procedures have been drawn up to protect us as much as possible against them.

Customer satisfaction and customer expectation

We are, of course, aware of the fact that we have no right to exist without customers. It is therefore important that our customers are satisfied and we meet the customer's expectations so that they continue to decrease.

The satisfaction of our staff is also of great importance internally. We motivate our staff in various ways and try to keep satisfaction as high as possible. This naturally takes into account the various “population ”.


As an organisation we have a responsibility and a duty to work as cleanly as possible. This is to prevent environmental pollution as much as possible. For this we separate our wherever possible and are constantly looking for improvements regarding our environment.

Health and safety of the staff

It is essential that our employees can perform their duties in a safe environment. Our company and our processes are constructed in such a way that no dangerous situations occur (during normal execution of the work).

Occupational health and safety of staff related aspects will be addressed during the various consultations and moments. This is to prevent dangerous situations and to further improve ourselves.


As a company, we want to prevent the use of GMOs. We have various statements from our suppliers for this. If a GMO is absolutely unavoidable, these products will be fully traceable. A statement will be made according to the legal requirements. Cross-contamination with GMOs will be prevented at all times. 


We pay close attention to the quality of work and life within our company but also outside of it. For example, pleasure in our work is very important. We have an informal open culture that ensures that our employees feel at home. But we also keep asking ourselves questions such as: Where can we save energy? How can we reduce our travel times? Which do we use? Who produces them and under what circumstances? Are there even more options for recycling? Important questions we ask ourselves and which we like to work on. Where we can improve, we do that. Together with our coworkers, relations, customers, government, and environment. 


Every employee has an individual responsibility to deal ethically with our customers and suppliers, colleagues, and the public. All employees are expected to do more than just avoid unethical behavior. They must also take initiative and positive responsibility for quality, honesty, and justice.

Employees are expected to show ethical commitment and report actual or suspected ethical misconduct to their manager or director. Honesty also requires that employees refuse, actively or passively, to conceal such misconduct.

Every employee is expected to fully cooperate with the Company's investigation into ethical issues. “Turning a blind eye” to potential ethical issues is in direct contradiction to the involvement of our company.


To be able to properly implement our policy, various objectives have been set for food safety and quality. The objectives are monitored and reviewed at least annually in the management review.

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