Below are a number of topics that are included in the monthly or quarterly consultation. For BRC certified , this consultation takes place at least monthly. Topics that are discussed relate to food safety, , legality, and integrity which are also included in the daily operational consultation. Any points from this consultation are dealt with on the basis of actions. This method of consultation has been chosen knowing the size of the company.

The following topics are discussed:


Setting objectives (see ) and whether they are still “on schedule”. Deviations and reasons for deviations are included.

Pest control

It is checked whether the is successful and whether the inspections are carried out frequently. In the of deviations, contact is made with the pest control.


It is examined whether there have been calamities or adjustments for which new resources or extra have been necessary.


The knowledge of the staff is discussed on the basis of the iMIS “knowledge staff” patrols that have been run and on the basis of daily practice. Deviating matters, such as a lack of knowledge, come to light so that action can be taken.


Any in , potentionally from .


Whether internal education / training still needs to be given.

Product Requirements

New / other and any .

Procedures / Handbook

Potential adjustments that are necessary for the manual so that the manual continues to meet the standard and practice.

Quality management system

Whether there have been problems with regard to the system.

Technical condition

What is the state of the company's technical condition and whether deviations have occurred during the iMIS Audit patrols.

CCP analysis

Whether there have been deviations with regard to the CCP / QCP / LCP. Potentionally what actions have been taken.


Whether there are complaints or influences from the environment.

Measures taken

Important measures that have been taken based on the shortcomings from the various rounds and how these must be / have been solved.


Whether all registrations are kept up-to-date and whether deviations have been noted.

Cross-contamination, possibility of

Whether there have been problems/ with regard to .

Review of specifications

Whether all specifications meet.

Review contracts

Whether new suppliers or have been added.

Cleaning and disinfection

How is the cleaning performed and whether any shortcomings have been identified? Possibly how the cleaning can be improved.

Product-foreign ingredients

Whether the check on product-foreign components is going well and properly.


Whether maintenance still needs to be performed. If so, what and by whom.

Internal audits and external audits

Whether there have been external audits and what were the comments/shortcomings in this? Whether all internal audits (iMIS Audit patrols) are performed according to plan.

Analyzes and sampling

Whether all investigations carried out according to plan? Whether deviations have been found from the investigations that have been carried out.

Complaints from authorities and customers

Whether complaints have arrived. What are these complaints concerned and what is the status of the complaints is?

Internal complaints

Whether there have been internal blockages.

Prerequisite Program

Whether deviations have been found with regard to the Prerequisites.

Hazard analysis

Whether changes have been made to the study and need to be adjusted.

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