Role Quality Manager

The quality manager is the leader of the HACCP team. The position of a quality manager includes the following tasks and responsibilities:

  • Setting up and maintaining the quality system.
  • Communicating the on food and quality to the staff.
  • Monitoring compliance with the policy, through inspection rounds, internal audits, and . Compiling the management review. 
  • Co * performing internal audits and system verifications and validations. Keeping the HACCP system up to date and checking compliance with it within the organization. Point out deviations, make proposals for and check the effectiveness of the and improvement measures. 
  • Guiding external audits of supervisory (Dutch ) and certification bodies, representative regarding the standards and certification bodies.
  • Checking the enforcement of in particular CCP * related process settings and hygiene regulations during the process. Giving for correcting settings, correcting errors or for carrying out work. 
  • Promoting the quality and hygiene awareness of the employees by giving explanations, instructions, and etc. Initiating and having them implemented and supporting improvement programs / actions in the field of CCP , hygiene, order, and tidiness. 
  • Registering quality data, compiling overviews, graphs, and statistics in such a way that information about the quality of (developments / trends) becomes available.
  • Supervising compliance with the HACCP, quality standard (GFSI), ARBO, environmental and company regulations. 
  • Determining the wishes and of customers, translating them into specifications for products and processes and verifying whether customer expectations are met. 
  • Reporting the findings and possible improvements regarding quality, food safety, customer satisfaction, and meeting customer expectations (including registration and ).
  • on food safety and quality internally and externally (stakeholders).
  • Management of the HACCP team.
  • Follow developments in legislation, requirements, and standards and translate these into the
  • Responsible for reporting on the release of quarantines to management. 
  • Partly responsible for setting up a food defense plan. 
  • The performance of checks as recorded in the system, such as calibrations, research (microbiological, chemical), and product tests (sensory).
  • Setting up and maintaining end .
  • Archiving and supervising the completeness and actuality of the purchase specifications and supplier statements. Assessing the performance of suppliers. 

Job requirements

  • MBO+ or HBO food technology or equivalent;
  • Tenacious and proactive attitude;
  • Persuasiveness; 
  • Good communication skills in speech and writing;
  • Good knowledge of all business processes;
  • Experience with product quality and safety aspects.
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