Scope BRC Agents & Brokers

The Agents & Brokers standard of BRC focuses on companies that trade in food and do not process food. This includes the import and of food, and non-food consumer products. These companies supply products and do not produce directly. In addition, these trading companies may outsource transport and distribution to other companies.

BRC Agents & Brokers certification route

BRC uses a cycle of one year. No interim research or audits are conducted during this year.  This is why it deviates from the generic ISO22000 standard. In the of serious deviations, a recertification may be recommended. In this situation, the trading company may run the of shortening the cycle to a maximum of six months.

Obtaining and maintaining certification through iMIS Food

Obtaining is not easy. You have to comply with many . By working with our solution iMIS Food, it is easier to obtain and retain your BRC certification. iMIS Food stands for Integrated & Information Systems – for Food and Quality Assurance. In other words, an integrated management information system for food quality assurance.

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