The BRC Packaging & Packaging Materials Standard

The BRC & Packaging version includes 7 topics that must comply with:

BRC Packaging & is designed to protect the end consumer and improve safety, reduce waste and prevent and recalls.

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Scope of application BRC Packaging & Packaging Materials standard

The BRC Packaging & Packaging Materials has been developed for companies that package products.  Possible risks that can occur are physical , think of glass, plastic and and also hazards. For example, the effect of the material on the product, through certain chemical processing on the packaging.

BRC Packaging & Packaging Materials certification process

BRC uses a cycle of 1 year. In this year no interim research or audits are done.  Therefore it differs from the generic standard.

Obtaining and maintaining certification through iMIS Food

Obtaining is not easy. You have to comply with many requirements. By working with our solution iMIS Food it is easier to obtain and also maintain your BRC certification. iMIS Food is the abbreviation for Integrated Management & Systems – for Food Safety and Assurance. In other words, an integrated management information system for food .

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