BRC Storage & Distribution (English)

In 1996, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) was formed, an alliance of British retail organisations whose aim was to achieve national and international harmonisation of food safety through standards and testing in the chain.

Update: 05-2022

BRC Storage & Distribution standard content

The BRC and Distribution standard includes 8 sections for the . The topics are as follows:

  • Organisational structure and continuous improvement
  • and
  • Quality system
  • Site and building standards
  • Operational vehicle standards
  • Facilities management
  • Operational practices also known as best practices
  • Personnel aspects, includes in food , and medical screening.

Scope BRC Storage & Distribution

The Storage & Distribution norm of BRC is specifically aimed at storage and companies in the food industry. These companies carry out transport, distribution and/or storage for their customers. Through inspections and a for risk management, the safety of and for the and the end consumer is guaranteed.

BRC Storage & Distribution certification process

What does this look like? The certification procedure for the BRC Storage & Distribution standard uses a fixed cycle of 1 year, without interim examinations or surveillance audits. This deviates from the pattern of other generic management system standards, such as ISO 22000.

BRC Storage & distribution

Obtaining and maintaining certification through iMIS Food

Obtaining certification is not easy. You have to comply with many . By working with our solution iMIS Food, it is easier to obtain and retain your BRC certification. iMIS Food stands for Integrated Management & Information Systems – for Food Safety and Quality Assurance. In other words, an integrated management information system for food quality assurance.