What is the status of Food Safety Compliance in Africa?

This overview is part of our Food Security Partnership Program. In this section, we provide information about the projects that are carried out in collaboration with partners. We would like to set up long-term relationships with NGO's, Universities, Multinationals and Food companies.

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Status februari 2021

Nr. Country Region FSSC22000 certifications BRC certifications IFS certifications
1 Algeria Northern Africa 22 2 5
2 Angola Middle Africa 6
3 Benin Western Africa 2
4 Botswana Southern Africa 2
5 Burkina Faso Western Africa 1
6 Burundi Eastern Africa
7 Cape Verde Western Africa 1 1
8 Cameroon Middle Africa 11
9 Central African Republic Middle Africa
10 Chad Middle Africa
11 Comoros Eastern Africa
12 Congo Middle Africa 1
13 Côte d'Ivoire Western Africa 16 6 2
14 Djibouti Eastern Africa 1
15 DR Congo Middle Africa
16 Egypt Northern Africa 192 295 4
17 Equatorial Guinea Middle Africa
18 Eritrea Eastern Africa
19 Eswatini/Swaziland Southern Africa 12 2
20 Ethiopia Eastern Africa 11 6
21 Gabon Middle Africa
22 Gambia Western Africa 1
23 Ghana Western Africa 23 7 5
24 Guinea Western Africa 1
25 Guinea-Bissau Western Africa 1
26 Kenya Eastern Africa 95 48 5
27 Lesotho Southern Africa 1
28 Liberia Western Africa
29 Libya Northern Africa 1
30 Madagascar Eastern Africa 5 1 6
31 Malawi Eastern Africa 6
32 Mali Western Africa 2
33 Mauritania Western Africa 1
34 Mauritius Eastern Africa 6 18 4
35 Morocco Northern Africa 55 164 108
36 Mozambique Eastern Africa 6 3
37 Namibia Southern Africa 6 4 5
38 Niger Western Africa 1
39 Nigeria Western Africa 60 2 1
40 Rwanda Eastern Africa 2
41 Sao Tome & Principe Middle Africa
42 Senegal Western Africa 2 4 2
43 Seychelles Eastern Africa 1 1 1
44 Sierra Leone Western Africa
45 Somalia Eastern Africa 2
46 South Africa Southern Africa 825 348 47
47 South Sudan Eastern Africa
48 Sudan Northern Africa 5
49 Tanzania Eastern Africa 12 12 1
50 Togo Western Africa 1
51 Tunisia Northern Africa 47 30 31
52 Uganda Eastern Africa 13 7 1
53 Zambia Eastern Africa 3 1
54 Zimbabwe Eastern Africa 9 3


About us

We are a Food Tech firm in Food Safety Systems. We are global experts in setting up and maintaining Food Safety systems for companies in the Food Supply Chain. Privately owned and completely independent.

In our Partnership Program we would like to work together with (Non)Governmental Organizations, Universities, Multinationals and Food companies.


iMIS Food Global

iMIS Food Global is a fully equipped Food Safety platform for developing countries. Unique is the installation of an iMIS Food server at the Food company, for online and offline availability.

The online (no travel costs) supported iMIS Food implementation process includes 6 to 10 days of support and has a lead time of 3 months.

Our Market

Our target group is the global Food Supply Chain. This sector is increasingly confronted with legislation and regulations in the field of product quality, hygiene and food safety. The rules are not only determined nationally, but often originate from all kinds of international bodies. Customers of these companies often work with their own standards systems. Companies must ensure the implementation of sound Food Safety systems. Even if all the requirements of the various laws and regulations are met, problems cannot be ruled out completely. That is why it is necessary that it is always possible to demonstrate compliance with all Food Safety requirements.

Food manufacturing Africa

More about Qassurance & iMIS Food

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