Many research projects are currently being started for , and . I also see nice funding to develop systems for this. But the system is already there!

With QAssurance and its predecessors, we have been working since 1993 to apply principles in the field of Food Safety. The rise of AI has made knowledge 2.0 a fact. Both people and systems must be integrated in order to learn together, as AI will soon have an IQ of 300..

As a you really have to digitize now, without digitizing you miss the ability of AI to learn and will miss the boat ( expression).

With iMIS Food you are AI Food Safety ready.

Within 5 minutes you can start with your own platform to set up a learning organization for Real-time Food Assurance! iMIS Food offers a fully AI equipped food safety platform. Our senior food consultants can provide direct online support for food safety and sustainability .

Attached can guide to in setting up a learning organization for Food Safety.

The original pdf can be found at the following link:


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