iMIS Certification

consists of the following modules, to ensure real-time management for certifying bodies to be ISO17021 compliant.

iMIS Food Handbook:

All the and to comply with like ISO17021 and the GFSI-related protocols and guidelines for like FSSC22000, BRC, and IFS. With clear agreements for outsourced audit processes.

iMIS Food Audit:

Digital to confirm Handbook compliance, with real-time reporting of the Audit start time on and in production of the with photo and GPS, and real-time reporting of the end time on location.

iMIS Food Webforms:

Digital reporting system to automatically generate audit-related documents and central monitoring and logging of reporting time.

iMIS Food Ticket system:

Central workflow management and system for all (freelance) , certification bodies, customers, scheme owners and accreditation bodies.
Monitoring the whole plan_do_check_act circle for the certification process. Instead of using (freelance) e-mail addresses by which documents are stored in non-accreditated external systems and to ensure that all audit reports are really sent/received by the customers.

iMIS Food SpecCheck:

control system for the Auditor to check , allergens and nutritional values and legal compliance.

iMIS Food Compliance portal

Food , , Legislation, Standard knowledge system to execute an audit with the latest developments.

iMIS Food Documents

Central system for all audit process-related documentation to enable real-time audit protocol compliance

iMIS Food Dashboard

Real-time Food Certification Compliance management system for CI management. Exactly knowing the status of every certification customer process and real-time reporting of audit activities on the auditor level, with automatic alarms when key performance indicators are not met and get out of control.

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