Status June 24th: 35 FSSC companies suspended

FSSC 22000 is one of the major used in the Netherlands, next to BRCand IFS. All three are approved by the . In a short time, multiple got suspensions on their certification. How could this happen? Compared to other countries, how common is this rate? The following report will discuss all these . All answers are derived from the FSSC database. In a country as small as the Netherlands, 35 companies got suspensions. In total, 29202 companies are certified by FSCC, and 452 companies are suspended. A total number of 1,5% of all FSSC-certified companies are suspended. Looking at the following. The Netherlands is a small country, however, known for its high- and innovations in the agro-. Of 29202 FSCC-certified food companies, 977 are Dutch. That makes 3% of all FSSC companies Dutch.

World-wide distribution of suspensions FSSC

The country with the most suspended FSSC companies on June 24th is China with 82 suspended companies, a close second is Pakistan with 72. Both massive economies, China has over 1.4 billion citizens, while Pakistan has 220 million citizens, and a small country with over 18 million citizens, become a close third together with another massive player India. As mentioned before 3% of all FSCC-certified companies are from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is also the third highest country concerning FSSC suspensions, with a whopping 8%, sharing the third place with India.

World map vs the top 11 countries with the highest FSCC suspensions June 24th

In the following, it is difficult to see a country as small as the Netherlands, but it really has the same colour as India. Again, how is it possible that one of the smallest countries in the world has 35 FSCC suspensions?

Calculated percentages on the 24th of June

While 3 percent of all FSSC companies are suspended, the Netherlands exceeds the average lately by having 3.6% of its FSSC companies suspended. Their neighbouring , , performs way better by having 1.7% suspended from their FSSC certificate.

Russian Federation238512,6
South 119221,2
The was retrieved from the FSSC database on June 24th

Status 28th of June, level of FSSC suspensions

Tuesday 28th of June 2022, the Netherlands got 59 suspensions. Giving the Netherlands a well-deserved third place in the world when it comes to FSSC suspensions. Resulting in getting a total of 12 percent of all the FSSC suspensions for a country that only has 3% of all the FSSC certified companies in the world. This means that approximately 6 % of all Dutch FSCC companies are suspended.

Status 30th of June, level of FSSC suspensions

Tuesday 28th of June 2022, the Netherlands got 72 suspensions. Giving the Netherlands almost the second place in the world when it comes to FSSC suspensions. Pakistan's number has as well grown to a total of 74 companies that have been suspended. This massive growth ensured that The Netherlands has a total of 15% of the FSSC suspensions. This means that approximately 8.1 % of all Dutch FSCC companies are suspended.

Top 11Suspended companies
Russian Federation23
South Africa11
United States9
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