The system: iMIS Food SpecCheck

iMIS contains a system for specifications and that can be coordinated with existing systems. With the management system, a has all end- under . The system provides a complete management system from raw material to label on the final . As a result, finished product specifications are provided with proper ingredient declarations, nutritional values and allergens. The approval process ensures that label and specification match.

Contracts with customers require detailed product specifications in addition to signed delivery conditions and certificates. In these product specifications, more and more information is recorded due to consumer demands. The composition of the product's ingredients, information, nutritional values, shelf life, logistical , etc. Often, a product specification prescribed by the includes 5 to 10 pages of detail about the product supplied. Because these pages are part of the contract, extreme accuracy is required in completing the document and ensuring . Negatively, the customer is given many possible reasons to return the product if it does not meet the agreed characteristics.

To arrive at a correct final product specification, at least the following are required:

  • approved and raw material specifications;
  • Valid recipes with version control;
  • Approved finished product specifications;
  • approved label information that is equal to the finished product specification.

Legislation requires that at least the allergens are listed on the label. These include , , and cow's . The absence of this allergen information may already result in a . With iMIS Food, specification management can be performed with demonstrable accuracy, down to the detail level of the ingredient. It also registers which change has been made by whom and when. This substantiates the change in the product specification.

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