What requirements should I have when purchasing microbiological research?

Hereby is a for microbiological testing;

Dear ,

You will receive these terms and conditions in duplicate. One version must be signed for approval by you and returned to us.

Deliveries must be made in accordance with these conditions, other written agreements or purchase contracts. If we make any changes to these conditions, you are obliged to implement them.

If these conditions are not followed, we reserve the right not to accept the services. Any costs may be recovered by us from you. If we are unable to deliver on the agreed date or time, we must be informed in good time in order to avoid downtime.

  • No collection work may be carried out if your suffers from a contagious infectious .
  • The work will only be carried out by demonstrably trained .
  • There is no deviation from the .
  • Work must be carried out in accordance with ISO17025.
  • Where legally required, sampling must take place under applicable .
  • No deviation from the microbiological sampling plan shall be made without prior written permission.
  • In of a bad test result, the department should be contacted immediately by telephone in order to prevent worse.
  • In case of a possible that could impact our operation, the quality department should be contacted immediately by phone to prevent worse.
  • An by us on is allowed in case of a recall whereby openness of all relevant data must be given.
  • In all cases, in the of calamities which may directly affect food or the quality of our , we must be informed immediately.
  • If one of the above must be deviated from, we will be informed immediately.

The present certificates will also be sent with this declaration.



Name of signatory:


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