Definition of incident procedure

An can be defined as follows;

  • An internal ;
  • Foreign components are found;
  • A potentially dangerous situation for product, process, or of ;
  • Loose-fitting lights;
  • Broken lights, windows with the glass broken;
  • Cross- with or GMOs;
  • environmental aspects;
  • ARBO circumstances.

The incidents can be processed/handled in various ways:

  • Internal complaint;
  • Quarantine;
  • Independent incident. 

When it concerns a complaint or quarantine, the will also run in this way. Otherwise, reporting takes place in iMIS

Corrective measures incident procedure

The quality service determines the seriousness of the incident and takes the necessary . The measure to be taken depends on the incident. This could include:

  • Repair part;
  • Replacement;
  • Adjust or shift production process;
  • Recipe adjustments;
  • Adjustments in working conditions;
  • Changed environmental .

All measures taken are recorded.

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When a food company is suspended by the certifier without reason, it has nothing to do with your company but with their mismanagement.