the performance. 


Cleaning , see


A good cleaning and is important to prevent the accumulation of microorganisms. It also prevents the possibility of cross of our by microorganisms.

An object may appear but if the right resources and application times are not followed there can be negative consequences. 


  • Are the correct resources used for:

o Cleaning; 
o Disinfection.

  • Is it cleaned in the correct manner, check:

o The pre * rinse, all residues must be removed, otherwise the cleaning and disinfection will be pointless. 
o The rinsing;
o Before cleaning; 
o The dilutions. 

  • Is it properly disinfected, check: 

o The application time; 
o The rinsing; 
o The diltutions. 

  • There is no cleaning residue is left on processing equipment and food surfaces, depending on the cleaning solution the test strip must be adjusted. Quat containing disinfectants must be verified with a quat swab. With other disinfectants (for those containing chlorine) pH paper is sufficient. 

Actions by anomalies:

  • Identify the cause of the deviation: 

o ignorance; 
o Inattention; 
o incorrect oral
o Incorrect written instructions; 
o inccorect resources available. 

  • In the where the wrong resource is used, instruction should be given to the relevant
  • The cause determines which further are taken. 

o Change Instructions; 
o Purchase Other resources. 

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