1. Purpose : Cleaning and disinfection procedure

Perform and activities in such an effective, safe manner and frequently in order to achieve a hygienic , so that is guaranteed. 

2. Method : Cleaning and disinfection procedure

2.1 Execution
2.2. Cleaning and disinfection
2.3 and
2.4 Permitted cleaning and disinfection agents
The permitted cleaning and disinfection agents are shown in an . This may only be deviated from with the express permission of the


The dosage of the cleaning and disinfection agents stated on the label is the maximum dosage. If the dosage if not legible or is missing, always inquire with the coordinator. Dosing at your own discretion is not allowed. The use of strong cleaning agents such as degreasing and scouring agents is not allowed during working hours. 

Storage of cleaning and disinfection agents

The stock of cleaning and disinfecting agents must be stored in the designated area. No cleaning or disinfection agents should be kept in stock in the departments. Only the work stock may be stored there, separated from the and end

Product contaminants

When using cleaning and disinfecting agents, must be taken to prevent products from becoming directly or indirectly contaminated. Cleaning and disinfection agents should therefore always be closed and never placed on, above or near machines or products.

2.5 Safety sheets
2.6 Permitted cleaning per department
2.7 Other departments

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