Labelling and packaging requirements

Hereby more about the and check .

The check includes checking:

  • the assigning of the correct packaging matHerial,
  • that the correct packing material is at the packing machine for immediate use and check,
  • with preprinted , that only the properly printed packaging are present at the correct packaging machine.
  • that when a is changed, the packaging material is also removed from the line, so that only the packaging material that is used is present at the line.

These are registered. 

The check is carried out:

  • At the start of the packaging; 
  • During packing;
  • When changing batches of packaging materials;
  • At the end of every .

The check also includes a of whether any printing that takes place during the packaging process is correct. Possible prints are:

  • Date
  • Batch coding
  • Quantity indication
  • Pricing information
  • Bar code
  • Country of origin

If online check equipment is used to check and printing, there are to ensure that the system is set up correctly and is able to warn or reject a product if the packaging information does not meet the

Misprinted label and old versions of preprinted packaging are blocked and disposed of. 

Persons involved in preparing and changing labels and that the correct label is used on the line have undergone in the and packaging process to ensure that the correct labels are used.

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