General overview: Specifications resources

Every specification present is checked upon receipt on: 

  • Completeness;
  • Correctness;
  • Readability;
  • Etc.

If a does not meet the , the will be contacted. 

If it turns out that a does not comply with the specification, the product will not be used. 

The following specifications are available: 

All packaging that comes in contact with our products is suitable for the foodstuffs industry. Declarations for this are requested from the supplier. Primary has a sufficiently contrasting color to the product. 


Of all the used material (in contact with food) there are declarations from our suppliers that they are suitable for use in the foodstuffs industry.


Packaging must meet legal requirements and adequately protect the product during its . The material must be suitable for use. A supplier's declaration of compliance (declaration of migration test) is included with the purchase specification.

The suitability and existence of functional barriers of the primary packaging material is checked, for example, through

organoleptic tests (during best before / used by) tests analyses migration test results. 

Raw materials: 

Raw material specifications include, for example:

  • Ingredients.
  • Biological, chemical, and physical characteristics.
  • Storage conditions, best before date.
  • Packaging.
  • Usage , dose.
  • Origin .
  • Method of production.
  • .
  • Source (animal, plant, mineral).
  • GMO status, irradiation.
  • Allergens.
  • Suitability for certain diets.
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