What are the requirements for a transportation purchase specification?

Hereby, a purchase for transportation;

Dear ,

You will receive these conditions in duplicate. One version must be signed by you for approval and returned. Deliveries must follow these terms and conditions, other agreements made in writing, or purchase contracts. If are made by us to these terms and conditions, you are obliged to implement them. If we do not work in accordance with these conditions, we reserve the right not to accept the services. Any costs can be recovered from you by us. If you cannot deliver on the agreed date or time, you must inform us in time to prevent downtime. The undersigned hereby declares to comply with our transport .

  • The must be suitable for transporting food under the right conditions.
  • have been implemented to prevent contamination during transport (food and non-food/different categories of ). These procedures can be submitted if requested. Our products may only be transported with other foodstuffs. It is not permitted to transport our products with other products that have a strong smell, or that can be another form of contamination.
  • The trucks are checked according to a fixed . At a minimum, attention is paid to cleaning and possible contamination with foreign components (glass, loose paint, etc.). These are recorded and can be retrieved.
  • Before loading the truck, their condition is checked (such as the absence of foreign odours, a lot of smoke, improper , , mould), and, if necessary, action is taken. Results are recorded and can be retrieved.
  • If goods have to be transported at a certain , the temperature in the vehicle must be checked and recorded before loading. If requested, a report can be submitted with the measured temperatures.
  • If goods have to be transported at a certain temperature, an adequate range of temperatures during transport must be guaranteed and recorded. If requested, a report can be submitted with the measured temperatures.
  • There is a cleaning schedule and, if necessary, a disinfection schedule for all vehicles and equipment used during loading and unloading. There are registrations of the taken (cleaning and/or disinfection). These reports can be handed over if requested.
  • Loading and unloading docks have the equipment to protect the transported products from external influences (such as climate and pollen).
  • Trucks are not left unattended in a parking lot.
  • There are procedures in place that record how to deal with such as bad weather, failure of cooling systems, breakdowns on the road or accidents.
  • Rules regarding are observed.
  • An audit by us on location is permitted in of where the openness of all relevant must be given.
  • In the of a possible recall that may have an impact on our operation, the quality department should be contacted directly by telephone to prevent worse.

In all cases, in the event of calamities, which may directly relate to our products food safety or quality, we must be informed immediately. We will be informed immediately if you have to deviate from one of the above rules.

With this statement, the existing certificates are also sent.

Name carrier:


Name authorized signatory:


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